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Harney & Sons Lunar New Year Tea 2024 Is Now in Canada

We are thrilled to usher that the Harney & Sons Lunar New Year 2024 Tea has arrived in Canada. Welcome the Year of the Wood Dragon with this specialty tea.

Lunar New Year is a festive occasion that is brimming with enchanting traditions and captivating tales. Each year, Harney & Sons crafts a new tea tin to commemorate this special event, and for 2024, the focus is on the mystical and revered wood dragon, a departure from last year's rabbit.

This year's Lunar New Year tea still maintains its delectable flavors, drawing inspiration from the profile of Nian Gao, a Chinese New Year cake known for its blend of rice flour, brown sugar, coconut milk, and other ingredients, creating a delightful caramel-like sweetness. The 2024 Lunar New Year tea boasts a blend of toasted rice, coconut pieces, sesame seeds, coconut flavor, and caramel flavor—an homage to Nian Gao, minus the gooey texture but retaining all the delicious taste.

This year's zodiac animal, the wood dragon, holds a distinct position in Chinese culture, embodying qualities of wisdom, authority, good luck, strength, and health. The Chinese dragon is believed to bring rain, good fortune, and prosperity. The wood dragon, with its nurturing wood elements, is anticipated to bring growth, progress, and abundance. The dragon, the sole mythical creature in the Chinese zodiac, is immensely popular, and the Year of the Dragon witnesses a higher number of births as parents aim to have children during this auspicious time. Individuals born in the Year of the Dragon are often associated with good leadership and exceptional fortune.

Enjoy this delectable Harney & Sons Lunar New Year 2024 tea and don't forget to save the tin as it's unique on its own. It will never be 2024 again, right?