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Spring Detox with Green & Herbal Teas

Springtime is when our bodies awake, want to explore, to conquer, and to enjoy. However, our energy is not always at a good level. That is why we need a little boost and what an easier way than just making a small adjustment in our daily routines to implement detox without stressing out or ultimately dropping off any detox program.

Tea on a tableFirst, what is a detox?

For those of you who are not familiar with the term, simply described, detox is the process of cleansing our bodies from toxins. Toxins on their own are the substances that build up in your body when you are exposed to harmful artificial food ingredients, chemicals, pollutants, pesticides that cause an increased amount of free radicals which ultimately may affect your health condition.

Healthy sandwich

How to detox?

There are multiple ways to detox your body - improve your diet and introduce more fruits and vegetables (if possible organic), exercise, drink more water, and simply add green tea or herbal teas to your routine. Great choices for green tea are Sencha, Bancha, and Matcha while when it comes to herbal teas/ tisanes – ginger tea and rooibos are the go-to.

Peach Matcha

Let's talk about tea detox.

While changing your diet and adding exercise to your routine may not be as easy as it sounds due to the fact that most of us nowadays have busy lives, you may still do something to detox your body.

Substitute coffee for green tea

A simple way to start is to just replace your morning and afternoon java with green tea. Green tea is not only packed with antioxidants that help fight free radicals that the toxins cause, but also provides you with a boost of energy without the jitter that coffee gives you.

Matcha powder

Take your green tea detox to the next level with Matcha

While sencha or bencha green teas a great introduction to your detox, you may want to take it to another level and implementing matcha as your go-to green tea. If have not tried matcha yet, you have for sure heard of it. Remember those green-looking lattes that trend-setters and influencers post on Instagram? Matcha can be consumed on its own or mixed in smoothies or lattes. It has a raw, unforgettable taste and is an excellent source of antioxidants and amino acids, including (EGCg) & (L-Theanine). It is perfect to detoxify the body, boost immune system, boost metabolism, increase energy levels and naturally relieve stress. It is also known to help prevent diseases and skin aging. Who wouldn't want all of that, knowing that there is no sacrifice on taste?

Evening detox with herbal tea

In the evening, when you really want to wind down, you may brew some caffeine-free tisanes such as ginger or rooibos tea. Ginger tea is known as a great choice to fight flu and its associated symptoms and to improve immunity. In addition, it is contains antioxidants that eliminate toxins in the body. On the other hand, Rooibos tea, also known as South African red tea, helps reduce stress and provide you with a good night’s sleep that is essential to rejuvenate the body and allow it to repair itself.

Peppermint Tea in Sachet - Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Whether you decide to go ahead with your own detox program or not, you must remember that starting with baby steps such as making better choices when it comes to food, walking a bit more, or consuming healthy teas such as green teas would allow you to transition into healthier living without stressing out about it. Stress is never good anyway. Good luck!