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Your Wicked Bold Brews Are Here - Scottish Morn and Scottish Afternoon

If you are on the hunt for a wicked bold tea, you are at the right place, as Harney & Sons Scottish Morn and Scottish Afternoon teas have arrived here in Canada. Usually preferred with a splash (...or two) of milk, these Assam and Ceylon-based black teas steep into a strong brew that will definitely satisfy your palate.

The history of Scottish Morn and Scottish Afternoon

The American Scottish Foundation initiated a request to the Harney Family to create a strong-tasting tea that was a reminiscent of the tea that Scots liked to drink. The first try of the Harneys was not quite as strong, so the foundation asked them to make it just a tad stronger, so that it hit all the right notes to call it a Scottish tea. That is how these two brews were born. They were called Scottish Morn (the deserving one for your early morning) and Scottish Afternoon (the more mellow yet still strong version) of the two for your afternoon pick-me-up).

Scottish Morn and Scottish Afternoon Teas - Harney & Sons

What makes Scottish Morn and Scottish Afternoon different than other black tea blends

Scottish Morn is a strong tea, perhaps Harney's very strongest. It is a blend of dark brown tea leaves, the smaller pieces of Assam and Ceylon, and Assam CTC (cut, tear, curl) which method makes a stronger tea. On the other hand, Scottish Afternoon also contains the Assam, Ceylon and Assam CTC but it is more mellow thanks to the added green flecks of broken Darjeeling (the champagne of teas).

Scottish Morn brews a liquor that is very dark brown in colour. Aroma is not the point of this tea so there are only hints of suggestions of malt. Many Scots would lighten it with milk. Scottish Afternoon brews a medium brown, slightly lighter than Scottish Morn liquor with gentle muffled malt and citrus aromas that drift upwards.

Charitable Contributions

Every time when you sip on either one of these two teas, you will know that you have done something good, as a portion of Scottish Morn & Scottish Afternoon sales goes to support the charitable endeavors of the American-Scottish Foundation®.

Spoiler Alert - Expect them to look different soon

Although these tins are beautiful as they are with its traditional Scottish tartan design on top, we are expecting even more beautiful designs soon. These teas will not only deliver a delicious cuppa, but will also look stunning on your tea shelf (if you are like us and you like to display your tea collection at home).

Wait! What is Scottish tea without Shortbread cookies

Because we know that butter cookies combined with a bold Scottish tea make the perfect combo, we have created a Scottish Teas Gift Set that will make you (or anyone you send it to) very happy. The original Scottish Walkers Shortbread Cookies with real butter will melt in your mouth while you are enjoying them with your new favourite Scottish teas.

Scottish Tea and Cookies Gift Set