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Harney & Sons Organic Green Tea 20 Premium Teabags

Harney & Sons Organic Green Tea 20 Premium Teabags

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This is Harney & Sons' finest organic green tea. This refreshing blend delivers the benefits associated with green tea.

Each box contains 20 teabags.
Each teabag brews one 6-8 oz. cup of tea.
Each teabag is individually wrapped, making it perfect for travel or sharing with a friend!

By choosing this fair trade product, you are empowering farming communities to earn additional funds and invest them where they are most needed. Fair Trade supports safe working conditions and protects fundamental human rights.

Ingredients: Organic green tea.

Product Contains 20 premium teabags
Base A nice organic green tea from China
Aroma Light vegetal notes
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body Light body
Character Lighter vegetal notes
Brewing Time 3 minutes
Brewing Temperature 175° F

Certifications:  Kosher Certified KSA 

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