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Harney & Sons Organic Rooibos 20 Premium Teabags - Premium Teas Canada

Harney & Sons Organic Rooibos 20 Premium Teabags

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Harney & Sons Organic Rooibos is a tisane from a bush plant from South Africa, known for the fact that it provides health benefits and is naturally caffeine-free. This packaging contains 20 individually wrapped premium tea bags, each of which brews 6-8 oz teacup. Harney & Sons Organic Rooibos is Kosher, Halal and USDA certified organic tea.

Interesting Fact: 

It is common for the people in South Africa to prepare Rooibos tea in the same manner as black tea and drink it with added milk and sugar, however, some prefer it with just a slice of lemon and honey to sweeten.

Product Contains 50 silken sachets of loose-leaf tea
Base Finely cut organic rooibos
Aroma A somewhat earthy aroma
Caffeine Level Caffeine Free
Body Light bodied
Character Traces of nuttiness and earthy flavors
Brewing Time 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F

Certifications: Kosher Halal Organic

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