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Sample of Harney & Sons Raspberry Herbal Fresh Brew Iced Tea (1 Large Pouch) - Premium Teas Canada

Sample of Harney & Sons Raspberry Herbal Fresh Brew Iced Tea (1 Large Pouch)

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This tisane is a mixture of rosehips, hibiscus, raspberry leaves and raspberry flavor. It is a great tasting, definitely refreshing and caffeine-free drink which makes it a perfect choice for anyone who would love to enjoy a healthy cold drink in the late afternoon. One sample iced tea tea pouchincluded.  It makes 4 quarts /3.8 litres of homemade iced tea. This tea is Kosher certified. 

Interesting fact:

These Harney & Sons Raspberry Iced Tea Pouche make four quarts of iced tea.This must-have tea for the warmer months of the year can be made even more exciting and delicious by squeezing in lemon, adding fresh mint leaves and honey for a bit of sweetness. Are you ready to try?

Ingredients: Rosehips, hibiscus, orange peel, raspberry flavor, apple pieces, lemon peel, spearmint, raspberry flakes, peppermint. Contains natural flavors. Caffeine-free
Brewing Instructions:
1) Boil 2 litres of water and pour over a tea pouch in a heat resistant container.
2) Steep for 15-20 minutes and then fill the container with 1.8 litres of cold water.
3) Remove teabag and gently squeeze it.
Product Size One tea pouch that makes 4 quarts of iced tea
Base Herbal tisane with Rosehip, Hibiscus, Raspberry Leaves
Aroma Fruity raspberry aroma
Caffeine Level Non-Caffeinated
Body Medium to light body
Character Fruity taste of raspberry and the tang of citrus
Steeping Time 15 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F (Boiling Water)

Certifications:  Kosher Certified KSA